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5 amazing things to do in Flores

Flores’s island is an Indonesian word that means flower’s island. However, you cannot find flowers of roses and tulips over here. This island is famous for its underwater visits and scuba diving. Also, you can meet multiple underwater creatures which consist of sharks and turtles.

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Five things you must do in the Flores:

To assist you to know which things you can do on the most captivating island of Flores. These are the ‘musts’ of your to-do list. Let’s see what those activities are.

Visit the Komodo Island

This is the most popular visiting place on Flores’s island. It is a national park. This park is famous for its frightening inhabitants like mythical beasts i.e., the dragons of Komodo. These are not mythical dragons, in reality, these are lizards of huge sizes. Visit Komodo island to meet these creatures. Keep a safe distance so you don’t get bitten because their saliva is toxic.

Go on trekking to the Padar Island

Komodo island can surely be the most popular one but Padar island is no less than the Komodo island. It has been successful in taking the hearts away of the visitors.

You can see the beaches of the islands in different colors if you stand on the top of the island. The main colors are black, white and pink. Padar island also can offer you the most beautiful sunlight tours.

The weather is a bit indecisive. In the mid-day, it is very hot without any shade while waking up the hill but in the peak, it gets cooler.

Encounter the experience of sunrise and dawn at Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu lakes are three coloreds, situated in the dim crests. These also have stones of multiple colors. The colors of the lakes change within the daylight.The main colors found are red, blue, and white lakes.

However, to see the multiple color variations then it should be seen at the dawn in the sunrise.Kelimutu Lake would be visited in the season when it is dry and summer. Like in June, July, or August.

Experience scuba diving with the Rays at the Manta Point

Flores’s island is popular for diving. People love doing scuba diving here. Manta point is present in Komodo Park. A channel that runs between two islands, makes the dive site for the divers. You can see many Rays at Manta Point and also meet the other marine life creatures. You can dive and swim among the turtles, keeping your pace slow. Diving at the Manta Point truly is one of the most excellent activities to be done in Flores.

Have a visit to the Wae Rebo Village

This place is located between hills and is very green and beautiful. The scenery is mesmerizing. To reach your picturesque destination hiking for four hours is required. Here if you are doing a night tour, then you can see the beautiful starry sky.

Flores is a favorite of many and will surely be a loving sight if you visit.  If you  want to have good car rental companies at your service then you should compare car rental services. Car rental comparison is important to give you a chance to enjoy your trip without any worries.