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5 reasons why you should be renting a house in Aruba

Aruba is a nice island for vacation, but also definitely to stay longer than a few weeks. Many people fall in love with the island and end up extending their vacation. Some people even fall in love not only with the island but also with a person and eventually come to live there. It is a wonderful island to live on and that has its reasons. Would you like to rent a house on Aruba? That’s possible, take a look at Renting a house in Aruba

Reasons why you should live in Aruba

Aruba Aruba is a beautiful island that has a lot to offer. It has beautiful beaches and the people are very friendly! Below I write 5 reasons why you should rent a house in Aruba. 

  1. Renting a house in Aruba is very easy. There is a lot of offer on the island and that is because many houses are also bought by Americans or Dutch. You will find plenty on real estate websites or via social media.

  2. The island is super safe, there is little crime and as a woman you can easily walk on the street alone, during the day or in the evening, it doesn’t matter in Aruba. 

  3. The island has many beautiful beaches and although the island is very small, it will take you quite a while to visit all the beautiful beaches on the island and you certainly want to go there more than once. 

  4. There are many sights, many monuments or places that have meaning for Arubans, but there are also nice local marketplaces or places where the i love Aruba sign is located. 

  5. There are two places on the island where many tourists come and where there are also many shops and restaurants. Oranjestad is of course the capital where you can find many nice shops and restaurants. Palm Beach is where the tall hotels are located. These are the two most visited places in Aruba.