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Conversion rate optimization


 Web App Development divides its current customers into different types and begins to evaluate the long-term business value of each customer. Although we assume which web application development customers are most valuable, there is a better way: customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV is your chance to be everyone. Rather than just focusing on customer preferences, needs, and needs, you can also say: “What about my needs? How valuable are these customers to me? How much should I spend to get them?” 

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The value of the car forms the basis of the private use statement. The value of the car is the original catalog value, including VAT and bpm, including accessories installed by the manufacturer or importer or their representatives before the car was registered.

You will find the list prices of most cars on the RDW website.


Cars older than 15 years


If the car is older than 15 years, the market value applies from that moment on. This is the price you normally get when you sell your car. So the sticker price does not matter much for these older cars. If a car turns 15 on 1 May, you start with the list price including bpm and VAT for the first 4 months and the market value for the other months.


Do you have your company’s delivery van? Do you only use it for business? Then you can submit a “Delivery Truck Only Commercial Use Statement”.


This means the following for you:


You do not have to take into account the correction for private use of the delivery van in the profit calculation.


You don’t have to keep track of your ride.




Have you submitted a “Commercial Truck Use Only” statement? Then the following conditions apply:


You may not use the delivery van privately.


You are obliged to inform us of changes in the business purpose of the delivery van.

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