Let your Dutch tax returns be taken care of

Everyone knows the importance of doing your taxes correctly. Sometimes, this can be a daunting task that requires a lot of knowledge on tax and business law. It would be wise to outsource this to a tax advisor. Every country has their own specific tax regulations and when you are doing business in the Netherlands, it might be wise to be notified of the regulations here. That is why at Witlox International Tax Advice, we like to help you in filing your Dutch tax returns without making any mistakes in administration. This will end up saving you a lot of time and money, which means that you can focus on the tasks that matter to you.


Personal guidance in Dutch tax legislation

As a foreign employee working in the Netherlands, you might not have a single clue about the taxing policies in this country. To avoid making any mistakes that might sometimes even be considered illegal, it is wise to consult a tax advisor. Your Dutch tax returns will be filed according to the rules and regulations and, if you wish, you will be informed about the specifics of this process. The employees at Witlox International Tax Advice possess a significant amount of knowledge on the subject and will always provide you with the best possible options in you case. Whether you are an employee at a Dutch company or you own a company that has a seat in the Netherlands, you have to be informed about the specific tax policies to make sure that everything you are doing is according to the legislation of our country.

Make an appointment for your Dutch tax return

You might have heard about the 30% tax ruling in the Netherlands, but maybe you do not exactly know what it entails. Not everyone falls under this particular piece of legislation, which means that in every case, the tax advisors will look at your personal situation. Considering that they are experienced in their field, they will always try to make the situation as clear as possible for you.