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Make sure your cows have the wright dietary cation anion difference

Dairy cows need the right amount of dietary cation anion difference. When they do not have enough, it can lead to calcium deficiency. Do you want your dairy cows to be healthy? With feed additives and supplements you can make sure that your cows are as healthy as possible. During calving, the calcium demand increases significantly. One of the risks is that this could lead to milk fever. You can see it especially with older dairy cows. At the end, it could even lead to the death of your cow(s). This is the last thing that you want. That is why you need to make sure that you use the right feed additives and supplements for a good dietary cation anion difference.

This experienced company could help you

When you have dairy cows, the last thing you need, is that they are sick or even dying. To prevent this, you have to make sure to have a good dietary cation anion difference. The best thing you can do is get in touch with an experienced company. Kimtec International is a company that makes a lot of different products for a good dietary cation anion difference. This company offers high-quality products, suitable for maintaining the health of your dairy cows. They have high standards and distribute globally. If you are a dairy farm owner, dairy consultant, or a company in the animal feed industry, this company can help you to keep your cows in good health.

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Do you want to make sure that your dairy cows are in good health and do you want to keep it like that? Then get in touch with the experts from Kimtec International. With products from this company you maintain a good dietary cation anion balance and reduce the dietary cation anion difference for your dairy cows. Do you want more information? Just get in touch for some advice!