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Nanoparticle research

Are you developing products that use nanoparticles? Then it is important to understand the properties of these particles. Nanoparticles are very small, but vary in size from 1 to 100 nanometers. Not all nanoparticles will therefore have the desired effect on your product. To be able to use these particles in the right way, we at Solids Solutions do a lot of research & testing on nanoparticles. We use different techniques and instruments to determine the exact size and other properties of nanoparticles.


BET surface analysis of nanoparticles


To obtain information on the specific surface area, the pore volume and the pore size distribution, we perform a BET surface analysis of nanoparticles. Here we use physical gas adsorption, where an inert gas is adsorbed on the surface of the particles. In most cases we use nitrogen, but sometimes another gas is more suitable. This depends on the substance and the information to be obtained. The instruments used for the investigation are also chosen on the basis of specific factors. A BET surface analysis can not only be performed for nanoparticles, but also for other solids.


Solids Solutions academy


We don’t keep the knowledge we gain from research to ourselves. You can call in Solids Solutions to help you when you get stuck in the development of a product. We can then look for a suitable solution. You can also contact us to gain more knowledge in the field of particle technology. Presentations are given and seminars offered on a regular basis. In addition, you have the opportunity to view various reports and publications related to the research. More information can be found on our website, but contacting us is also possible.