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WoW: 5 Tips to Level Up Fast!

Allied Races. First things first, allied races start their adventure at level 10, going up to level 10 with a WoW race takes half an hour in Exile’s Reach. So it’s not a great drama, but if you want to skip the first 10 levels you can always start with the best allied race of all: Vulperas.

 The best zones to level up in WoW, Draenor and Legion. All missions are profitable wherever you go, so the most important thing is that you do a lot. We will seek to be able to do many missions together and to be able to be small maps. It is also important that the geography of the map is as simple as possible so that you can travel within it quickly. This causes us to discard expansions like The Burning Crusade, Wrath, and Cataclysm.

So the best maps to level up for Hordes are Silverpine Forests, Hillsbrad Foothills (Beware of Elite Quests), Stonetalon Mountains, and Feralas. And for the Alliance are Loch Modan, Wetlands, Sunset Forest, and Stranglethorn Vale.

War Mode and mounts. War mode gives us a very nice experience bonus, and for the Alliance it is even higher, possibly the biggest bonus we can find. War Mode unlocks at level 20. To use mounts, at level 10 you unlock slow ground speed and at 20 fast. So our recommendation is that we raise levels from 10 to 20 by doing dungeons, where we will win between 1 or 2 levels for each one. And once we reach level 20 we buy fast ground speed, activate War mode, and go out into the world to run and do missions: Silverpine Forests and Loch Modan are the best options.

Hearthstone and her friends. We always recommend having the Hearthstone in Stormwind or Orgrimmar so that you can return in one fell swoop and quickly learn the flying mount. Even so, it is ideal that when you start with your character, the first thing you do is start the Legion quest chain. With just one mission you already get the stone of hogar of Dalaran, which will be very useful to you as well.

Equipment, Relics and other things. You do not need anything. The current relics are useless, you just save yourself changing equipment during the level up. But they are not that great either, usually you will find better weapons. We would recommend buying bags to have a good inventory, because you are going to do things for a long time (about 5 hours).

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